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The Happy Tale of Two Cats

Written by Cathy M. Rosenthal | Illustrated by Jessica Warrick

The Happy Tale of Two Cats traces the lives of two felines who happen to live "in the very same town, on the very same street," but who share very different lives with their families. The happy cat has lots of playtime and daily interaction with her family. The unhappy cat spends most of her time alone often getting "yelled at for just being a cat." These comparisons give way to hope when the unhappy cat is rescued by a "kind lady" from the animal shelter who helps her find a new "family to love." The Happy Tale of Two Cats tells a simple story that makes it easy for children to understand what every cat needs to be healthy and happy in their home. Every cat deserves to be this happy.

"As a former elementary teacher, I have read hundreds of children's books. Not many have made me laugh out loud. The Happy Tale of Two Cats did! "

— Patty Finch,
Executive Director of Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

"This is an excellent way to get children to love and care for their pets"

— Mike Arms, President of Helen Woodard Animal Center

"A must read for any parent or teacher who cares about animals and wants to share the joys of caring for our feline friends with kids"

— Aimee St. Arnaud,
Extreme Project Manager, Human Alliance

"I recommend this book be on every humane educator's bookshelf"

— Jean Meyer,
Friends of Keokuk Animal Services






"It is not always easy to explain to young children why some pets are pampered and loved and others have to struggle just to survive. In "The Happy Tale of Two Cats" author Cathy Rosenthal does just that. This is the tale of two cats, one a happy cat and the other a cat who would like to be. Throughout the story, the author weaves in little tidbits about how to care for a cat, what a cat likes best and how to be kind. One of the heroes in this story turns out to be the animal shelter and its staff who save the unhappy cat from its unhappy life, and give unhappy cat the chance to find a loving home and become Happy. Beautifully composed story which comes to life on each page through the wonderful, age-appropriate illustrations of Jessica Warrick."

— Marlene W

"I very much enjoyed this book! I have this paperback and the kindle version and I'm quite happy with both. The illustrations are so beautiful and the story is endearing. It's a great book for reading aloud and because it's also available in spanish I bought several copies for my nieces and nephews in Mexico. I would recomend this book to anyone who cares about cats and wants to help teach our young ones what it takes to be a good pet owner/guardian."

— Ina R. Bushon

"With simple words and adorable illustrations this book tells the tale of 2 being loved and cared for and the other being mistreated and abandoned. It stresses the ways to properly care for your cat without being preachy and also addresses the need for more loving homes for unwanted animals. Well done!!"

— zambonismom
Fun and educational!

"This is a very sweet book and with a good message for all! I wish everyone could "get" this message."

— Llkshep
Sweet book with good message