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Cathy Rosenthal has an old-fashioned gift…telling a story with a moral. In The Lucky Tale of Two Dogs, she gently educates young readers so they can be empathetic to the real needs of dogs.  We learn the valuable lesson that dogs are afraid when they’re on the streets and that the shelter is a safe and happy place for lost pets.  Most importantly, the story demonstrates what many of us already know – that the animal shelter is a wonderful place to adopt a friend.
- Adele Douglass, Founder and CEO, Humane Farm Animal Care

Some are born lucky; some achieve luck, and some have luckiness thrust upon them.  So Shakespeare might have said, and so it is with these dogs: the one having attained luck before the story opens, and the second never suspecting that he might one day be called “Lucky,” too.  Without stirring the pity pot, Cathy Rosenthal spins a clear Some contrast between lucky and unlucky pets and gives hope for dogs who have not yet had luck thrust upon them. What child would not want to be a part of this story! – Mary Grace Ketner, San Antonio Storyteller

   “In the spirit of the most effective children’s books, The Lucky Tale of Two Dogs teaches life lessons with subtlety and guides the young reader to ethical and moral conclusions in a story of two dogs. Children do not like to be lectured, they like to observe, to have choices, to be able to decide what course of action is best, based on their inner voices and own unique moral compass – and like the best examples of this genre, this youth-oriented tale of two dogs provides a deft touch and serves as an effective guide.


   It is at its best in the early pages when contrasting the life of a lucky and an unlucky canine - and with eloquent simplicity transmits what life should look like for every dog. In its colorfully illustrated pages, The Lucky Tale of Two Dogs tets children learn about the adoption process of pets, about the importance of veterinary visits and why training a dog is important. The moral of the story is clear: dogs have feelings, they require care, love, and attention. They are living beings who depend on us. We have to do right by them in order for them to be all that they can be for us. It is a fair bargain with most of the responsibility resting on us.


   Animal shelter staff everywhere will rejoice at this little book that easily erases decades of horrible dog catcher stereotypes - accurately reflecting the genuine concern, passion and compassion modeled by these front line animal care workers who so often encounter unlucky dogs (and cats) in our very communities and then turn around those lives in profound ways.


   But it is really the children exposed to this book who may be luckiest of all. Every child knows that fairy tales have to have a happy ending and in this case, young readers all too clearly can see that when it comes to the destiny of companion animals - it is in their power to be super heroes and to make sure that all dogs everywhere end up lucky and loved.” –  Michael E. Kaufmann, Director, Green Chimneys Farm and Wildlife Center

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    “I truly LOVE this book! The illustrations are enchanting and the story portrays the humane message of our mission! It is definitely a great addition to our Children's Library at the CAP shelter and a special gift of our Meow-Bow-Wow Buddies Club members. Children can learn compassion for neglected animals, and as a result, many pets will have the second chance they so deserve.” Kappy Muenzer, Executive Director, Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP)