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Special pricing available for animal shelters, teachers, and humane educators.

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Pet Pundit Publishing is a small independent publishing company with a penchant for pets.  Our desire is to share stories and provide resources that promote the appreciation of the animals in our lives. We believe the best way to engage children about animals is through storytelling and simple language that they can apply to their own pets or the pets they see every day in their neighborhoods.

The Lucky Tale of Two Dogs and The Happy Tale of Two Cats will resonate with parents, grandparents, animal shelter staff and humane educators – anyone who wants to teach children how to better understand and  care for their pets.  

Spanish editions and lesson plans are now available to help educators maximize these books for humane education lessons.

We hope our stories will help children and their families bond with the pets in their lives. Every dog and cat should be lucky and loved.

Pet Pundit Publishing

From The Lucky Take of Two Dogs
Written by Cathy M. Rosenthal
Illustrated by Jessica Warrick